About Us and You

The Shot started out as a few far-flung friends wishing to connect again. We wanted to raise a glass to old times and new adventures, but then we wondered: “Why it couldn’t be more than that?” We envisioned a single moment that spanned the globe; a shining toast to everyone’s differences and not-so-differences.

Not to mention a chance to pound some decent booze.

On July 23th­­­, 2016 at 11:59PM EST (GMT July 24th 4:59 AM (Sorry, England—thought you could be all hardcore about it)), we will take one shot in unison. The core team favors 4 Roses Bourbon, due to its global availability and the fact that bourbon is superior to all other alcohols ever invented. But drink what you prefer locally if you enjoy being wrong. If you don’t imbibe alcohol, hoist a glass of whatever suits your fancy. It’s more about the action than the ethanol.