The Shooters

Justin C. – Independence, KY – Fried Chicken and World Peace

Alice P. – Madeira, OH – Bourbon – My Lovely Lady Humps

Darren M’ F’n C. – San Francisco, CA – Fernet – Friends, Present and otherwise.

Jenn K. – Dallas, TX – Whatever is around at the time – The end of my time in this crummy state.

Bill T. – Covington, KY – Bourbon – Good friends and big tits.

Ximena – Lexington, KY – Absynth – The end of fracking, to Republicans all crashing and burning in the next elections.

Johanna – Padre Island, TX – Whiskey – James Reed and his evil ways!!

Bex S. – Lexington, KY – Gray’s Peak Vodka – Friends next to me and friends in far flung places

Ian M. – Denver, CO – Bourbon – The pursuit of happiness

Mike H. – Independence, KY – Bourbon – I drink because I care.

Jim R. – Winchester, KY – Buffalo Trace – The sound of a tube television turning on, which I’ll never hear again. The sound of a rotary phone. I drink to the sound of an 8-track player changing tracks, and any of the sounds of my youth, so ubiquitous, now forever gone.

Nicole G. – Cincinnati, OH – Berry Sangria – GBT Equality. A stop to animal abuse, and that every rescue animals finds their loving forever home. A worldwide consciousness to help the precious wildlife animals persevere so the next generation actually knows there are elephants, lions, tigers, etc. that live in the wild and not just in zoos. OR don’t know an existence with those animals in it at all. To a society willing to sacrifice to make the world a better place for future generations, to live a greener life, regardless of whether you believe climate change is real or not. And finally to a future generation that will finally only see another person and accept them without judgement, regardless of race, gender, sexuality, or economic class.

Cristina – Beacon Falls, CT – Zhumir – Zhumir is an Ecuadorian drink I love

Brandon V. – Edgewood, KY – Bourbon – Drinking Alone

Matt. O – Covington, KY – Bourbon – Gaming and people that died that I miss

Anton B. – Dayton, KY – Tequila – All the Single Ladies

Sylvain F. – Taylor Mill, KY – Single Malt Scotch – Fix the problems;don’t create more problems

Maggie Z. – Lexington, KY – Vodka – All the awesome people that I know

Chris G. – Blue Ash, OH – Whisky – Pedantry

Jeff M. – Chengdu, China – Bourbon – Being chaotic neutral

Katherine M. – Cincinnati, OH – Tequila – Supernatural, the best show ever

Sarah B. – Cincinnati, OH – Kraken Rum – Summer Vacation

Robin N. – Milford, OH – Bourbon – An end to child abuse

Rick N. – MIlford, OH – Crown Royal – Family and the Golf Channel.

Heather A. – Cincinnati, OH – Saint Bernard Whiskey – Life with three dogs.

Josh C. – Erlanger, KY – Patron – Health, Happiness, and Karma!

John H. – Lexington, KY – Bourbon – Anything

Adam A. – Lexington, KY – Gin – Still Breathing!

Chuck D. – Independence, KY – My kids. (Probably, he didn’t actually tell me.)

Crit Juice– Los Angeles, CA – All The Whiskey – Luck in our fight against a massive dragon.
You need us to win this, otherwise bad things will most likely occur.